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Three is a magic number and creativity, inspiration and healing are 3 essential pillars for fulfillment within everyone. Cruthaigh has always been about presenting individuals, groups and communities with opportunities, experiences and connections to develop the amount of creativity, inspiration and healing within their lives.

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Creation is the act of life longing for itself, therefore creativity is the foundation of growth and growth is the purpose of life.  Beyond the arts and crafts, as people we build homes, we produce food and we make friends. Build, produce and make are simply different words for the act of creation. Creativity is a force that can be applied in any situation.  Practicing our creative ability is how we grow as individuals and communities by combining the materials, knowledge, skills, experiences and connections we currently have, we can create a better life for ourselves and those around us.

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Inspiration is the fuel..


Healing Logo.png

Healing is the process of becoming physically, mentally and spiritually more balanced. It is the act of positive change on a cellular and emotional level. True healing is not just an absence of disease but it is a vitality that comes from peace and harmony. Healing unifies the heart and the mind, opening them up to inspiration and more creativity.

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