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HD Online Player (Ladies VS Ricky Bahl Full Movies Hd ) 2022 [New]




He is locked in a bathroom with 5 hot and sexy women who are after the same guy. Story The movie starts with the background score that begins with the song that screams girls! Girls are around the place, and Ricky Bahl, our hero is also in a party. When our story begins, a young girl with a passport is caught by the police. Her family is pissed off and they start looking for her to blame. With that, the girl's family decides to blame the passport, and also they start looking for the girl's boyfriend. This makes a surprising turn for Ricky Bahl, as he has no idea about the girl he is looking after. Ricky Bahl goes to a hotel, and he is kept in a room with a fan. He starts to think that he is being watched by someone. The girl's family comes to the room, and they inform that they have caught their relative. On hearing this, Ricky Bahl thinks that he is being done to because of someone's unfinished business. In the process of going out, the group stops for lunch. This leads to Ricky Bahl asking the girl, who is sitting with him, for his phone. The girl refuses, and also informs her family that she will not give the phone to anyone else. Ricky Bahl gets angry, and he says that he is not going to leave the girl alone. It leads to an argument, and he tries to leave. Ricky Bahl decides to go for a walk, and he does a little dance to get the girls attention. He manages to get them to take a selfie with him. The girls, which are out on the terrace, inform that he cannot come out. The girls are not taken by his charm, and they give him a thrashing. As he is returning home, he sees the girl on the top of a building. He starts thinking that he is being followed, and he goes to a secluded area. He opens the bathroom door, and he sees 5 girls inside. Ricky Bahl says that he is a good man, and he goes to the front. He doesn't recognize one of them, and he asks her who she is. The girl who is in front of him is none other than the girl he was helping earlier. He was not aware of the fact that she too came to find him, and she too was looking for the same guy. She also reveals that she is the girl he has been catching



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HD Online Player (Ladies VS Ricky Bahl Full Movies Hd ) 2022 [New]

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