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Download 720p Gadar - Ek Prem Katha Movies In Hindi [Updated-2022]




The film is the first in the Sunny Deol-Amisha Patel starrer Bollywood blockbuster film franchise of the same name and the ninth overall in the Rajshri Productions film series. The film was released on 5 October 2001. Plot At a cricket match, some of the spectators are rioting, and the game is stopped. In 1947, four-year-old Chandra Shekhar (Damu) lives in a small house in Ahmedabad with his parents and a servant, Ramdas (Dinesh Thakur). They share the house with his grandmother, who's a doctor, and her friend, Laxmi (Hema Malini). Chandra's life is simple and happy, until the Partition of India. Ramdas, who's from Bengal, returns from India with a box of possessions and an Indian passport for himself and the rest of the family. The passport says that they are from Bangladesh, which is a Hindu name of the country. Ramdas tries to explain to them that Bengal is now East Pakistan, but the family ignore him. They don't want to leave India and they don't want to leave their home. There is an atmosphere of anger and fear in Ahmedabad, as Muslims refuse to let Hindus in and riot against them. The rioters are hit by stones and shots from Hindu militants, led by Ravi Shankar (Amrish Puri) and Baldev (Shankar Dayal). They burn cars and houses, kill women and children. Chandra is frightened, but his grandmother tells him that the policemen are friendly and Ramdas will protect them. When the rioters begin to burn Ramdas's home, Laxmi convinces her friend to flee, while she stays with Ramdas. Ramdas is shot dead and Chandra is chased by rioters. They are saved by a Hindu militant, Shakir (Prem Chopra). After the riots, the family move to a house where Ramdas's family stay, leaving the servants. The two families are unable to talk to each other, so they speak in sign language. Baldev arranges for an Indian passport for the family. When Ramdas arrives home, he and the family are sad that he will not be able to protect them again. When Laxmi and Shakir return with the Indian passport, Ramdas is overjoyed. He tells them that he




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Download 720p Gadar - Ek Prem Katha Movies In Hindi [Updated-2022]

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