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When we let go, where does it go?

When we let go, where does it go?

Old problems make new problems. A hurtful childhood, loss of a loved one or the loss of a love.

These are examples of commonly felt experiences. These strong overwhelming chapters in our lives are no stranger to anyone but we do greet them in unique manners.

The intricacies behind our individualistic lives mean each one of our problems was probably never felt before. But yet the suggested solution for everyone giving by friends, family, therapists, gurus and almost anyone willing to give you their time and heart is to “let it go”.

“Let it go”. What does that mean?

There are two directions you can direct your thoughts (problem) when letting go. You can imagine a problem going within your mind, to be forgotten about for some time but as a treasure hunter might find their own forgotten treasure you will be the one to rediscover your forgotten buried loot.

The other direction you can put a problem which aligns more with letting go is out. Outwards and upwards, letting it fly to heavens and gone forever. This seems to work even better than burying a problem but where does the problem that fly's go? Problems hold weight and they will at some stage fall back down to say hello.

Write your problem on a piece of paper and put it in a bottle to be taken by the sea, bury it in the earth, let the wind take it in a balloon or burn it in the flames of good intention. These are all wholehearted suggestions...

Only, someday that bottle will dock, the earth will become unearthed, the wind will land softly and the ashes of the fire will rest.

Energy can not be destroyed but it can be transformed.

We have the power and capabilities to transform emotions and energy within ourselves. As though we cannot destroy energy, we cannot destroy a problem but we can transform that problem into something beautiful.

Don’t take from your problems, give to your problems. The problems full of fear, give them trust. The problems full of guilt, give them pleasure. The problems full of shame, give them power. The problems full of grief, give them love. Give your problems what they are missing because what they are missing is the reason why they are problems.

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