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Thurles is Ireland's Answer to Hollywood

Although the title is just a bitta craic. the concept is very understandable, realistic and achievable.

Every village, town, city, and country in the world that is flourishing financially is doing so because they have a primary industry that they are focused on. One industry, that the entire structure of said place revolves around. Some places such as Hollywood may also have secondary industries such as tourism but secondary industries are usually only knock on effects from a successful and thriving primary industry.

Our home of Thurles in Co.Tipperary has seen numerous external bodies set up factories and give the town a huge burst of hope and then shortly after take it away by shutting down and leaving quickly like some sort of one night stand that "never happened". Erin Foods and the Sugar Factory are great examples of companies that came to Thurles who were "good in bed" but wouldn't call you back the next morning.

So now our town waits in silence waiting for the next factory to come along and give us another short-term burst of life.

Fuck that. If you research any place that has been financially successful for a LONG period of time you will note it is because most of the time the industry or factory was established in said place and remains there. Success of any company or industry in the beginning relies on a strong core community connection.

We must come together as a community and create our own industry. An industry that doesn't leave us to pay for the hotel bill the next morning. That industry would be, should be and could be Creativity.


"You Attract What You Are"

New York attracts business minded people and Hollywood attracts artistic minded people.

The only thing they have in common is their love of cocaine. Hollywood is the place you think you should go when you have a creative passion for something. Whether its acting, music or art Hollywood is a magnet for people who want global recognition for their creative devotions but ended up getting lost creatively or on the streets.

So when you remove the drugs, greed, lies, homeless crisis and plastic lifestyle, Hollywood become nothing more than a community of creative people using the facilities provided to make their dreams a reality which in turns generates income for itself as a place. Thurles is clearly a community of creative people but we lack the facilities necessary to really turn creativity into Thurles's primary industry.

Let's talk about what Thurles has already and what Thurles needs to make Creativity the primary industry.

What Thurles has...

I believe Thurles (based on ratio of individuals to population) has more creative people than anywhere else in Ireland. It's not often you will see the word "infested" in such a positive manner but the town of Thurles is fucking infested with musicians, artists, writers, designers, innovators and creatives of all sorts. We also have outstanding venues for events and many people with experience in organizing events. We have many creatively driven companies such as Star Systems and Designedly. I could go on for pages about what Thurles has that could be used to maximize creativity as an industry but this is just an introduction of the concept.

What Thurles needs...

There sure are going to be a lot of needs and procedures for Thurles to be gaining financial income from creativity but 3 main things that are needed from the start and are very realistic are...

  1. Headquarters. Our main goal with Cruthaigh is to get access to a building thats designated to be the headquarters behind creativity in Thurles. A place that all creative people can use to help them on their journey to creating the art they want to. Some things we'd like to facilitate are a music studio, rehearsal space and private art pods for artists to get creative and not have to spill paint on their own kitchen floor. Getting access to such space is currently our primary focus (as cruthaigh) and there is a lot more to write about it but we will release a separate article about that.

  2. Motivation. We need to motivate all the creative people in Thurles to come together and to see how possible it is to thrive on an individual level and a community level while been supported by their own creative talents. This can only happen if all of us come together and work together.

  3. Support. We need support from as many people as possible from local business to local council and more importantly the local majority. For people to believe in what we want to achieve for the sake of a sustainable town and to help spread the word, tell your friends, tell your family.

When these 3 things are achieved it is going to be very easy to come together and maximize the creative talent that has always been a part of Thurles. So contact us if you want to be involved or can help in anyway. Email us at or call at 089 419 3032.

And lastly the main advantage of Creativty been the main source of income for Thurles is....

drumroll please........... some craic.

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