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Thurles and The Next Generation of Music

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Cruthaigh Presents the Newest Additions to the Local Music Scene

Thurles, the root cause of the Music Festival scene that thrives in Ireland today. Thurles

has always been a more notable place than others, through its unique infrastructure and

history of culture and art, everyone in Ireland knows of Thurles.

The strong history of Music we hold should today be having a much bigger impact on the town than it currently is. All though pubs provide music on a weekly basis, the scene needs a

massive boost. A fresh kick to the heart of music that echos deep within our town.

Cruthaigh who are a new organization in Thurles who you will see provide many great

elements to the town in the future have begun their process in Keeping Life in The

Town. They’ve found the new musicians, but need the support of people to help

homegrown musicians thrive in the Irish Music scene.

On Saturday, March 2nd, 2019 Cruthaigh presents No Covers at the Source Arts

Centre. No Covers will consist of young aspiring and passionate musicians. Starting at

8PM musicians/bands Small Fish, Kyle English, Jack-K, Mill Road and 5Day will

showcase their musical talent and potential to become professional, original musicians.

There will be no holding back on their creative abilities as they will be performing

original music only. Tickets for No Covers are only €10.

Saturday, March 2nd promises

to be one of the greatest valued local events the town has seen in a while. Musicians

need the foundation support of the local community for them to thrive in the music


Support local talent, find your talent and Keep The Life in The Town.

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