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Love Evil

When asked "What would you do if you could go back in time?" people often reply "I'd kill Hitler”. This answer, on the surface, seems heroic or somewhat humane but I confess. I fail to grasp the element of bravery or nobility within this answer. To me this is an easy and temporary solution to a problem that's been deeply sustained within the human psyche since the reign of Caesar.

Obviously the goal of this post is not to bear justification for the actions of an evil committed in the past. The Hitler example is merely a commonly acknowledged happening that through time will become an archetypal story to be added to the collective library of the human conscious of our own understanding. Remove the details of the actions and specifications of the character but hold the concept. What do we have? We have a large group of people who are drawn towards a similar “solution” which is to erase someone before they have even done harm. Giving that we are certain this person will cause harm the heroic element seems to still stand for some but I fail to feel it.

I fail to understand why when giving the knowledge that someone is about to cause harm that people are still attracted to the idea of erasing that person from the equation altogether. To me this is a “sweep it under a rug” mentality. No man or woman was born of an evil nature. Evil is taught, handed down and spread from others who have been hurt. More so, evil is a force that has been manifested within the human psyche, it is of this earth and knows no heavens.

Meaning the possibility of evil to its highest degree sits within us all. Stagnant, suppressed and in the dark and if it wasn’t to rise through the body of one person it would have through another. This is what I mean by a short term solution. We can not delete problems. Evil is a problem within the human psyche not of the individual. We should not ignore the human ability to be evil, we should understand it. We must get to know it so that we can love it. We should dance with the dark so it doesn’t feel lonely, abandoned and angry.

I have faith that someday everyone with the answer “Kill Evil” will feel the want to say "Love Evil".

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