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As The Moment Slips Away

As I sit in silence, my mind thinks to itself; Is there really anything such as a human with a truly sound mind? If there is, I haven’t met one. Of all the people I know, each one has an inner tragedy relative to their own experience. There are few men I have known who have never cried, and of those who haven’t, their minds have been the least sound. There have been truths revealed to me by those of strongest character that have shattered all perceptions of both parties, leaving only the vulnerable open souls sitting in the fact of the tragedy of life. My mind then asks itself; Well what is it to be of sound mind then? Is it a fleeting moment, or a lasting condition? Is it something expressed to be interpreted, or to be experienced solely within? What does that mean then for the opposite? It occurs to me that the quest for answers only encourages the frame of mind within which there is no space for soundness, there is nothing stable here, only the open ends of a million pointless questions that help nobody in particular. It is considered irregular by those caught up in self-preservation to spend so much time ruminating on something that has no actual benefits other than a vague sense of satisfaction mixed with a stronger sense of doubt and confusion; but that is because they are practicing exactly that – self-preservation. If we were all to be honest with ourselves about our experiences and allowed ourselves to see clearly within, without our qualms and masks and voices, the sound mind would be a concept of the past. We are nothing but glorified apes, what separates us is both our ability to articulate and communicate our experiences, and our ability to deny ourselves the truth of that experience. Those deniers are those who live happily within their illusion, entranced by Maya, the world of their own creation. My mind asks itself; Are those who are of unsound mind, those who are simply honest with themselves and their own experiences? Have they lifted the veil, or has the veil of their own misery blinded them into thinking that this is the only true reality? A sudden shift, when the mind realises that as the creature of an unsound mind also strives for self-preservation it will deny the truth of the opposite – to be honest with oneself does not mean to ruminate within the shadows, nor does disallowing oneself to be dragged into lower thought make one dishonest. To be honest with oneself is to see both sides as they are, the sound mind of the everyday continuing the illusion of smiles and social mimicry, and the unsound mind of the night seeking it’s truth that laughably doesn’t exist. We are literally glorified apes – we have glorified ourselves through our thoughts and our expressions of said thoughts – yet still we remain lost animals thrown into the depths of awareness of consciousness without a boat nor paddle. How can one’s mind be sound when one is faced with the screaming reality of mortality and the endless cycle of existence? As the moment slips away, my mind quietens. Is your mind sound if there is no one around to hear it?

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